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    Seat Return FAQ’s

    Not attending the game on 25th April?

    Release your seat for the day and if another fan buys it, you could earn up to $60! How easy is that?


    Why should I return my seat?

    ANZAC Day is an annual blockbuster game every season. We want to ensure we support the team by filling the stadium to create the fantastic atmosphere that a sold-out game brings. As a reserved seat member, your seat is locked away but if for any reason you can’t make it, why not take the chance to earn some cash by having it sold to another fan?

    How does it work?

    If you are unable to attend or pass on your card to a friend to use, simply click on the link below and fill out the form with your member and seat details by 5pm 15 April. We will then release your seat for sale through Ticketek for this game only. If someone buys your seat, we’ll share part of proceeds from the sale with you. The access barcode on your member card will be blocked for this game.

    What information do I need to return my seat?

    You will need the following information from your membership card before you start filling out the form:

    – Full Name

    – Member number

    – Contact number

    – Seating location details

    – Current barcode number

    How do I release the seats for my family membership?

    One seat will be released per release form submission. If you have a family membership of two adults and two kids and wish to release all seats, you will need to complete four entries. This process ensures that you always maintain the choice and control over the seats you would like to release. You can release all or part of a block of seats you hold.

    What happens once I submit the form?

    Once you’ve confirmed your seat will be vacant, we will put it on sale for other fans to purchase through Ticketek.

    Can I change my mind once I’ve filled in the form?

    Your decision to release your seat is final. Once done, the process cannot be reversed whether or not your seat has been bought by another fan so please consider carefully before deciding if you’d like to release your seat.

    Can I return my seat after the deadline?

    Due to the turnaround times required by the venue’s ticketing provider, we aren’t able to receive or process requests to release your seat after COB 15 April.

    Does this affect my access to games for the rest of the season?

    Not at all! Your seat will only be made available for the ANZAC Day match. For all games before or after that you plan to attend, it will be business as usual for you.

    What happens if I make my seat available and nobody buys it?

    If we put your seat up for sale and nobody buys it, there is still no change to your membership. It just means that there won’t be a cash benefit to be shared.

    Can I earn a reward if I’m a General Admission member and I’m not attending the ANZAC Day match?

    This benefit is only available to reserved seat members.

    I’ve opted to return my seat and noticed it hasn’t sold the day before the game. Can I scan my card and get into the ground?

    Once a release form has been submitted, we will block the barcode on your card for the ANZAC Day match which means you will not be able to gain stadium access for this game.

    How will I know if my seat sells?

    If your seat sells, we will communicate with you via email within seven business days along with details of your cash reward and when it will be processed.

    If my seat sells, how do I get my cash reward?

    If you paid for your membership via credit card, cash rewards will be processed on to your card. If you have paid via an alternative method, cash rewards will be transferred into your bank account. We will request this information from you should it be required.

    My seat sold for the game against the Warriors. When will I receive my cash reward?

    All cash rewards will be processed within 14 days of the game.

    How much can I earn through the seat re-sale rewards program?

    The amount earned depends on the type of reserved seat membership you hold. Please see the table below for a list of the amounts that would be applicable if your seat sold.


    Category Adult Concession Junior Family*
    Platinum Club House $60 N/A $45 N/A
    Premiers Club $30 $25 $15 $20
    Champions Club $25 $20 $15 $15
    Storm Neighbourhood $20 $15 $10 $10
    Try Zone $15 $10 $5 $10

    *per seat sold


    Click Here to release your seat for ANZAC Day